The Bible states very clear that there is a power in the Word of God. The Bible declares that life and death is in the power of the tongue. The Bible states that JESUS spoke and lay His hands on the sick. There are seven keys to releasing the anointing for the Body of Christ. You can not truthfully release the anointing without these seven keys.

GENESIS 1 states that Spirit moved and God said and in the last days will be combination of the move of the Spirit of God and the power of the Word of God. God does not speak until the Spirit moves. And God said: "Let there be light." The very first movement in the coming revival will be move of light.

It will be ISAIAH 60 in action - "Arise, shine; for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you."  This is coming move of God. It will be move of action when the men of God stand up and say to the enemy: "I am coming against you in the Name of the LORD". God will shake the dust out of you and will make the mighty warriors for Him. The coming move of God will be the bruising of the Satan's head. God told Moses in 25: 1 - 8 that seven keys of anointing: Then the LORD spoke to Moses, saying: "Speak to the children of Israel, that they bring Me an offering. From everyone who gives willingly with his heart you shall take my offering. And this is the offering which you shall take from them: Gold, silver and bronze; blue and purple and scarlet yarn; fine linen threat, and goat's hair; rams' skin dyed red, badger skins, and acacia wood; oil for the light, and spices for the anointing oil and for the sweet incense; onyx stones. And let them make Me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among them."

  1. Gold - that always speaks of Divinity
  2. Silver - Redemption
  3. Bronze - Suffering
  4. Blue - Jesus, God's Son
  5. Purple - Jesus the King of kings
  6. Scarlet - Jesus, the Saviour and
  7. Fine Linen - Jesus the Son of Man.
  8. Goat' hair - Jesus the Prophet

Four Gospels are : MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE and JOHN.

In Matthew  JESUS is presented as the Son of God. In Mark JESUS is presented as King of kings. In LUKE as Saviour who suffered and in JOHN as the Son of Man. The four GOSPELS are presented from the EXODUS 25 as Jesus' characteristics.

    9. Ram's skin dyed red - JESUS the King who suffer, who bleed on the cross.
    10. Badger’s skin speaks of the ugliness of sin.
    11. Acacia wood speaks of humanity
    12. Oil for light speaks of anointing from worship.
    13. Sweet incense is the Worship which releases anointing on your life.
    14. Onyx stones speak about the church.

It is amazing that the first God speaks about Gold and the last about Stones as Church. All of this things must operate in your life even before I am giving you the seven keys. First of all you must be filled with Divinity, you must be born again Christian. You must be Redeemed, You must know JESUS as the Son of God, the King of kings, the Saviour of your soul and know Him as the Prophet who spoke the God's Words.

God is looking for human beings with the anointing. Spices are the fullness of God. Onyx stones are for Christians, for it is  you must be a part of the Church. God's Word states that then you will become His Sanctuary, that He may dwell in you.

Once you are His sanctuary, that He may dwell among you, there are for you seven keys for anointing:

  1. Key number one - First you make a Gate, which represents the JESUS CHRIST who said: I am the Way, I am the Light and I am the Life. The Gate is enter to the Way, the Light and Life. Christians are the people of the Way.
  2. The second key to anointing is the Blood of Jesus. Apply blood to your children, to your wife, to your house. Every morning say: "God wash me with Your Blood". Because is the power in the Blood of Jesus, that demons cannot cross this line.
  3. The third key to anointing  the Brass as mirror, The Word of God represent a mirror. So read the Word, speak the Word, confess the Word and you in the mirror of Word. The Word of God leads you to the Truth which leads us to five offices of the Church.
  4. The Lampstand is the fourth. This was made with one piece of gold. It signifies the Knowledge. My people are destroyed for lack of Knowledge. Knowledge is vitally important, but we must operate with it for growing the Body of God.
  5. The Bread speaks of persecution. Persecution will come because of the Word. The seed is chocked because of Persecution. Be conscious for your persecutions. Because when you are under anointing, you will be persecuting by family and friends.
  6. Worship is the sixth key to anointing, without worship is no presence of God.
  7. Holy of Holies and you enter there with Boldness. Boldness is what you releases anointing. Boldness to speak the Word, boldness to cast out demons, boldness to heal the sick in Jesus' Name. Now you are ready for anointing of God!

Once again the seven keys for anointing:

  1. The Way as the Jesus Christ is your Lord
  2. The Blood of Jesus Christ applied everyday
  3. The Word of God to be confessed everyday
  4. The Knowledge for the growing in Christ
  5. The Persecutions and reality of it in your life
  6. The Worship as you enter into presence of God
  7. The Boldness as you enter to Holy of Holies

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