The nature of spiritual truth can be found in ECCLESIASTES 3: 1,

“There is an appointed time for everything, and a time for every matter:

a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to reap...”

There is a time to plant and a time to reap, but there will be no reaping if we have missed the time to plant. The Church has had a “reaping mentality” which has caused it to overlook many of the planting seasons. Because of this our harvests have amounted to little more than the gathering of what has grown wild.

Many have not been willing to work unless they could count what they accomplished.

We like to see immediate results or often we feel like failures. The Lord will soon change this mentality in His labourers. Just as the farmers does not plant the seed and then stand there waiting for fruit, these will have the wisdom to plant knowing that the results of this labour may not be seen for a long time and many not be seen at all.

Some will plant, others will water, but God will give and receive the increase.

            Even science verifies the Lord`s statement that a seed cannot sprout unless it first dies or goes through a dormant period. God created this protective mechanism in the seed that  keeps it from sprouting until conditions are right for growth.

In order for it to sprout, a seed must have the proper amount of water, heat and light.

            The same is true of spiritual seeds. We may want to see immediate results from our preaching or witnessing, but  Lord will protect the seed until the conditions are right for growth. Spiritual seeds require the same basic conditions as natural seed.

Water, heat and light. Water speaks of the Word of God, of which must be abundance.

Heat speaks of circumstances; most have to be in the fire of trials before they will turn to Lord. Light speaks of Divine Revelation which enables us to realize that it is God who is speaking through the Word and circumstances.


            To be effective, the “revelation gifts” must be used in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. If we had received the Word of Knowledge about the woman at the well, how many of us would have jumped up and called her an adulteress? Jesus did not.

He gently led her in the conversation and never did rebuke her for her sins. The reality of Who she had encountered more than likely convicted her of the adultery and sins.

            One of the most important gifts of the Spirit is the gift of a Word of Wisdom.

This is the supernatural impartation of the mind of Christ into specific situations.

This gift is often less spectacular gift than the Word of Knowledge or the Power gifts, but without it the others may be rendered less effective or counterproductive.

            The preaching of Jesus must be in obedience to the Holy Spirit who was given to testify of Him. The Lord has blessed and used many different strategies and tactics now, to reach the lost, but this will be not the case in the future. Great trials and testings will come upon the Church until His labourers are submitted to the moving of the Spirit.

This will multiply the effectivness of His messangers and unable Him to trust them with power  and authority never before given to men.

            The industrial age disease which requires us to have a formula for everything, which demand the packaging of the gospel into spiritual laws, is contrary to true evangelism. The labourers who are coming will be armed with far more than a recipe for getting a quick decision. “For the kingdom of God does not consist in words but in power.” I Corinthians 4: 20, and the power is about to come upon the true witnesses.


            The magnitude of the harvest will astonish even the most optimistic believers.

Congregations of less than a hundred will be adding a thousand believer a week for periods of time. Meeting which begins spontaneously will stir entire cities, continuing until they fill the largest stadiums night after night. Previously popular sport events will be abounded in many regions for lack of interest. Whole towns, with populations of thousands, will swarm upon neighbouring towns to evangelize them. The news media will be dominated by the harvest until they have fanned the flames throughout the world

News teams will follow apostles like national leaders, recording great miracles which will be shown with great enthusiasm. Some of these individual broadcasts will result in more conversions than Christian networks have seen during their entire existence.

            Large cities will experience periods of “zero crime” as their populations come under the conviction of the Holy Spirit., and the light of the church drives darkness from entire regions. Pornography, prostitution, illegal drugs, abortion and drunkenness will cease to exist in many areas without the passage of a single law. Large factories and businesses will shut down for days at a time so their employees can attend special meetings. Whole nations will give themselves to periods of prayer and fasting.

The inflow of new believers will be so great in places that they, the new believers will find themselves leading large congregations.

            The Lord will continually be on the minds of the people. Coffee breaks, lunch breaks and siestas will become Bible studies and prayer meetings. Cities will sponsor bonfires for burning pornography, witchcraft and astrological items and illegal drugs.

Warlocks, witches, mediums and even mafia chefs will be bowing the knee to Jesus and entering into salvation with great joy. Street gangs will be sending Bibles and gifts to one another and prisons will become churches which will give the Body of Christ some of its greatest teachers of the Bible.

            Miracles which exceed even some of the most spectacular Biblical marvels will cause whole nations to acknowledge Jesus. Leaders of some of the most powerful communist countries will be openly confessing the Lord and exhorting their people to follow Him. The visible glory of the Lord will appear upon some periods of time and this glory will heal everyone it touches. The pillar of fire that led Israel will not even compare to the intense presence of the Lord in these days. The appearance of angels will be so common that they will cease to be related as significant events. The Lord Himself will appear to councils of apostles and elders to give them directives. This will impart courage and peace which will astonish and gain to respect of even moisturisers.

Never has the Lord been as personal and intimate with His people as He will be in his day. Believers will be in awe continually.

            One of the most extraordinary characteristics of the harvest will be the youth-fulness of the labourers. Teenagers will be the backbone of the revival, and pretends will be some of its greatest evangelists. Young children will cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead, and divert raging floods with a Word of God. Some will actually take dominion over entire hospitals and mental institutions, healing every patient in them by lying hands on buildings. During the harvest the Word will understand that: Isaiah 8: 18

 “... the children whom the Lord has given me are for signs and wonders...”

            As the light of the gospel is shining so brightly, much of the world will be in its deepest darkness. There will be regions where the peace and love of the Lord reign, and these will become fortresses from which Church will go out and attack the fear and paranoia sweeping the rest of the world.

            There will be great defeats following victories, and great victories following defeats. Large cities will be under almost the complete dominion of the Lord. Others will be almost completely in the grip of an evil more terrible than we may presently in the grip of an evil more terrible than we may presently be able to comprehend.

The Lord will never have moved in such great power, but neither will the enemy have ever been so desperate. At the end of the vision both light and darkness are increasing.

            We must be prepared for this conflict. There will be martyrs during the harvest.

In places, the Church will be almost compactly wiped out. But the lives of those martyrs will be seed for a harvest in that same place. The place where the enemy makes his most powerful attacks are the very places where the greatest advances of the gospel will be made. Remember that the light shines into darkness - it is no other way around.

When you open your shades at night, darkness not come in; light shines out.

Light is more powerful than darkness and will always overcome it.

            For the coming harvest the Lord is preparing a great spiritual “Fishnet” which will be able to hold the catch that is coming. The strength of this net will be determined by the strength of the interrelationships and intercommunications of His people.

EPHESIANS 4: 15-15 declares: “... We are to grow up in all aspects into Him, who is the Head, even Christ, from whom the whole body, being fitted and held together by that which every joint supplies.” A joint is not a part, but it is where two parts come together. There is a great fitting together going on in the Spirit now, and it will increase.

With each new joint there will be  growth and edification for those who are joined.

            The Spirit is compelling pastors to get together with other pastors, prophets with prophets, apostles with apostles, and even whole congregations are beginning to visit and interrelate with other congregations apart from their circles of emphasis.

This is Lord’s doing.

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