The Lord in His precious Word begins to teach us how to pray. Remember that prayer is the spiritual thing, He called it the Spirit of Prayer. So, God anoint us to pray. We can pray as we are quickened by His Spirit. The so called Lord's prayer is more a disciples prayer and it's a pattern of prayer. The Lord's prayer is in JOHN 17 and in MATTHEW 6 . It is pattern for the disciples to follow. In verse 9 the Bible declares: "In this manner, therefore, pray: ..." After this pattern therefore you will pray First for all prayer is impossible without relationship. You must have a relations.

"Our Father in Heaven, " Without relationship prayer cannot be effective.

Second all prayer is impossible without fellowship. Therefore are 12 revelations of God's  Names:


When we say "Our Father" all these revelations becoming the part of His Presence.The second when you say "My Father" you'll say: My Creator, my Father, my Supplier, My Master, My Provider, My Healer, My Victory, My Sanctifier, My Righteousness,My Peace, My Shepherd, Your Presence in Me. You One whom I need. It's Fellowship.

Jesus gave us a pattern for prayer to God Almighty. It is impossible to pray without knowing God's authority. As we pray: "Our Father in Heaven ..." You must know the following three things if you want to pray effectively to God

  1. Relationship
  2. Fellowship
  3. Authority

We find here not only God's Authority but also God's Dominion. We know that He is our Master our Authority and our Dominion. He is all powerful, He is God Almighty. We are speaking here about all powerful God for He is also Omnipotent. Omnipotent - All knowing God Almighty. Not only All powerful but also All knowing.There is no question, there is no doubt that God of heaven will answer your prayer. How you can talk to God unless you know that He knows all your matters and problems. Nothing is hidden from His sight. Following that His Dynamos power is revealed here. All is subject unto His Authority. In Dominion there is rule. In Omnipotence there is Glory. In Omniscience there is knowledge. He controls all powers even Satan's actions against you. Sovereignty of Heaven is here in this prayer: "Our Father in Heaven."

Nothing is hidden in His sight and nothing will take you by suprise. You immediately acknowledge Who He Is. He is Omnipotent - He knows your prayer before you think it.

Why must I pray since He knows it?

You must pray to receive from God. You are releasing Faith with your words. Prayer releases faith to receive the answer. God hears it and He knows it but it releases you to receive from God. By faith you expect an answer. Faith is released for the answer. And the moment you say: "Our Father in Heaven..." you also declare His Glory and His Attributes. All is in that one statement above. "Our Father which art in Heaven..." also speaks of worship or adoration. Because the second you speak of Heaven you speak of worship. You can't pray effectively without worship. "Hallowed be Your name..." That statement is most remarkable. We enter here into incredible celebration of praise and worship when we state: "Hallowed be Your name." Father in heaven is worshiped here. His Name is exalted and praised. Now praise must be a part of prayer otherwise it is not effective. Confession of who God is does that. We confess who He is, you declare the Word to God. You recognises who God is. After when you declare who God is , there is an eruption of adoration and praise to God. You must exalt Him first and recognise His authority in order to receive anything. "Your Kingdom come..."  That's a mighty prayer. Absolutely a mighty, mighty prayer! In this we see something else. The moment we say: "Your Kingdom come..." you release faith. Without faith it is impossible to pray. We move from Praise to bold Faith. And we also become specific in prayer. You cannot pray unless you are specific. "Your Kingdom come..." You cannot see God's hands move upon you until you become absolutely specific with God Almighty. What is God's Kingdom. For the Kingdom of God is not drink and meat but peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Jesus said that the Kingdom of God comes unto you. What is His Kingdom? His Kingdom deals with the Gospel, deals with the move of the Holy Spirit upon the earth. We pray specifically now. You can not pray generally when it comes to the Kingdom of God. You have to be specific in prayer or no prayer will be answered effectively. Your God is a detailed God. He won't move till you cooperate with Him. And you cooperate by a specific prayer.

"Your Will be done..." There is a secret will of God and there is a revealed will of God. Secret will belongs to God Almighty and cannot be opposed and the revealed will can be opposed by Satan, that we must pray: "Your Will be done..." We pray about the revealed will not the secret will of God. You look in the Bible and you pray according to His will and expect the answer. The written word, Godís revealed will, is already written in the Word of God so we should pray accordingly. It is revealed "that anyone who believes should not perish but have eternal life." It's revealed that He forgives your sins. It's revealed that He heals your body and mind. It's revealed that He will satisfy your mouths with good things. You pray: Father, You promised it therefore I ask in Faith and Believe it is mine. Your Faith is involved in that revealed Word of God. In that you must release to God your need. And the answer comes very powerfully. Tell God your need.

"Your Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. In prayer there will be Transformation. It is a part of Prayer. Accept it and expect it. There will be transformation in your heart because you prayed these words. You walk from your prayer closet and you know that something is changed. Transformation from earth to heaven and back to earth. There will be your transformation with your walk with God. As in Heaven so in your life on earth.

"Give us this day our daily bread..." We move here into Supplication, into request. Supplication and requests coming here. These are revelations of the Lord's Prayer. "And forgive us our debts..." There we follow with Repentance. It's a part of prayer. We repent and we forgive our debtors. You expect forgiveness when you forgive.There is forgiveness involved in prayer. You forgive whoever has injured you. "And lead us not into temptation..." It is powerful guidance here. Protection is a part of that prayer. It's most marvellous thing. Prevention is a part of that prayer. Lord prevent us from doing the same things I did last week. Lead me not the same temptation. Prevent me from going into the same temptation again. Next is Deliverance. "But deliver us from the evil one." Deliverance is in that prayer. Deliver us from devil.

"For Yours is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory Forever. Amen." That's something marvellous here in that prayer-statement. The first revelation in the Lord's prayer is reverence. We reveal Him. And again we are coming when we started by declaring Who He is. The Lord's Prayer begins with the revelation Who God is and ends.

"For Yours is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory Forever. Amen." His Power, His Glory, His Majesty, His Praise. If you will pray according to the Lord's Prayer no devil can touch your life. When you pray affirm that the Word of God is done.

Make a Declaration and Affirmation that His Word is Fixed forever and ever.