We are commanded to renew the spirit of your mind - Renew the spirit of your mind.We are in spiritual reality. What is the spiritual mind? Your brain is not spiritual, your brain is all physical. But it is such as a spiritual mind. It is not your brain. There is a spiritual or carnal mind. We can have a great brains, but not all have a great minds. A great mind is a mind full of God and His Word. Carnal mind is full of the world and world`s ideas. God commands us to renew the spirit of your mind. We after renewing spiritual powers that work in our minds. We are renew our minds. The negative thought bring into positive thought. The negative words bring into positive words. Words are spiritual. Even they are spoken out of physical mouth, your every word has spiritual power. In this physical world, the spirit is a reality.

Life and Death are on the power of your tongue. Notice that tongue is physical, but your word of it is spiritual. The words that I speak, they are spirit. I am giving to you spiritual force spoken out of my mouth. You now that your words carry your destiny.

If I say to you each morning - God loves you - it will be building your faith. But if I say to you every morning - You are failure, failure, you will be walking in failure.

Mouth spoken words carry faith or fear, victory or defeat. Without faith is impossible to please God. When we live where God lives, we talk His language. You now in which world people are living by what they say. If they speak fear,failure and negativ-ness, they believe in world of satan, which represents this world of darkness.

But when we speak faith, victory and never defeat, you know they are living with God. We cannot live faith without we stand on it. ROMANS 12: 3 says that God has given to every man a measure of faith. Bible says that God has deposited in us a measure of faith. Never we ask to pray for faith, because we already got it. You have to pray for boldness but not for faith. Faith is developing, not pray for it. Praying for faith is not biblical. Faith is already imparted to you and all to do is to develop faith.

God is the Faith God, my human spirit is a faith spirit. The Bible is the Faith Word.

          What must I do to developing dynamic faith? You must feed your faith inner man with faith food from Faith God. Make way to do it. You must develop your faith to the measure God wants us to develop. It is His measure of faith. Faith is a gift.

EPHESIANS 2: 8 declares - “For by grace are you saved through faith; and that not of yourself, it is the gift of God.” Put it into your heart. Do not pray for it.

You must just develop it. You will be transformed, as you nurture this faith within.

my faith, faith living with me, it is God`s gift. He deposited faith into my heart.

GALATIANS 2: 20 is where God wants you to go. This is your destination in faith.

“I am crucified with Christ, neverless I live, yet not, but Christ lives in me. And the life which I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself to me.”

The life now I am living is by faith.

When you got saved God deposited in you a measure of faith, the measure of His World and Word. Your destination is to get into the faith in Christ. Start talking now as He talked, live as He lives, remember - you are of Christ. You see His faith in action. Faith of God, Faith of Christ, and now we are to compare ourselves with Him.

The Bible commanded you to put all on Christ, be imitator of Him. It is process.

You are starting by letting His Word affecting your spirit. More His Word affects you, more He transform you into His image and likeness, as He proclaimed in GENESIS: “Let it be created man in our image and likeness.” From Genesis 3 what Adam lost is ours to recapture. He lost it in one second, we recapture in whole lifetime. He lost God`s image and likeness in one second, we spend whole lifetime.

Because God`s image and likeness is the likeness of faith. God is transforming us into that image. And God can only use what we put into His hands. Means Word of God.

 If you haven`t Word of God inside you, God can`t use you. He uses instrument which is imparted into spirit of man.

Faith is believing in the character, the truthfulness and integrity of God.

It is accuracy and dependency of His Word. Faith is believing fully of God.

Faith can be developed, faith must be developed.

ROMANS 1: 17 declares: “For there is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written: ‘The just shall live by faith.”

II THESSALONIANS 1: 3 declares: “We are bound to thank God always, for you brothers, because your faith growing exceedingly.”

For there is the righteouss of God revealed from faith to faith, from faith to faith....

You are here, Jesus is there. You begin with the measure of faith, He is a fulness of faith. Now you walk towards Him and you walk from faith to faith, from faith to faith

How do you walk? - By Revelations of the Word of God. Because is it will of God to reveal . As God reveals you more and more to anable you to walk in faith.

By the Revelation of His righteousness from faith to faith. We are not growing in faith without revelation. We receive revelation of His righteousness as we read His Word. When you read His Word, God`s Spirit begins to reveal me. As He does, my faith is developing from faith to faith through revelations of His Word.

It is so simple, very simple. You know what is wrong with you, you hardly pick up the Bible. Why you so miserable, why you so sick looking, why you so confused?

Because you read many christian books, and even lot of them have a Word of God in them, but you do not read the Word of the Living God constantly. PSALM 119: 20 -

“Your Word is a light unto my feet and the lamp unto my path.”

Word of the LORD is perfect and converts the soul. Renew your mind. Word of God can change your mind. PSALM 19 “The law of the LORD is perfect.”

Transforming and changing the soul of man out of bondage into liberty. Only Word of God can bring you out of misery. Do not read 3, 4 chapters a day, and think the more you read, the better. It is not how many chapters you read. It is how much God reveals to your spirit. If you read three verses with revelations of God, you  lot better then the man who can read ten chapters without revelations of God.

Faith can be developed daily. Everybody begins with the weak faith. Nobody started with big faith. What is weak faith. It is faith which constantly limits God and His abilities, limits our priviliges, there are wrong teachings. Weak faith limits God.

          Weak faith is a faith that limits God`s benefits and priviliges. Does the wrong teachings. Weak faith is a product of wrong teaching and wrong surroundings, so first what you must do to transform you from the weak faith to strong faith is to go out of wrong teaching and wrong surroundings. God wants you to bring you to the level from faith to faith, from revelation to revelation.

Temporary Faith. This faith activates when tests start in your life. LUKE 8: 13 - “But the ones on the rock are those who, when they hear, receive the word with joy; and these have no root, who believe for a while and in time of temptation fall away.”