No true Christian can be demon possessed but they can be oppressed and influenced and if that’s not dealt with it may lead to possession. God all mighty wants to set the captives free. Acknowledge the truth from the Bible. Verbally speak it out. Remember angels only act after verbally praying and devils also have to be verbally cast out with pray and authority through the name of Jesus Christ.

When you are born again you receive a new spirit from God but your mind, body and emotions are still the same. That will only change in time as you develop a closer more personal relationship with Jesus.

Lack of the word opens the door for the devil. You than are more likely to sin. When sin destroys your fellowship with God the Holy Spirit departs. When the cast out demon sees the house empty he returns and takes 7 more powerful evil spirits with him so he is less likely to be kicked out in the future.

 Get scripture from Bible about the 7 worse spirits.

 There is only one devil, many spirits and many demons. Devil means accuser. The Demons are the workers and the manifestation of an evil spirit under the control of the strongman.

 God wants his people to know how to cast out demons so stop going for the little men go for the strong man and sweep the little men with him. Jesus said to go after the strongman first.

 Demons, walk, talk and are attracted by things that represent their world either through sight, sound and/or smell. So be careful what physical objects or activities you are associated with.

 To cast out demons out of a person the individual must want out.

 When God says to believe in him and you will be saved he doesn’t just mean to mentally accept a fact. Believe in the Greek means to step out and to act.

 This term believe which causes one to yield is also true on the other side of the coin when sinners yield to the devil. For example when someone goes to a fortune-teller out of curiosity, for fun, thinking they aren’t doing anything wrong and look at it as just some innocent entertainment are very much mistaken. The fact you are there shows you have stepped out, you ‘believe’, you have taken a step forward towards the evil one. The sin may not be obvious immediately or carry the same weight as verbally giving that evil spirit authority but it is a door the devil will use to destroy you. This playful action in fact is a handshake with the devil and please don’t forget that the devil is a very rude guest, you invite him in and he will not leave. You have to kick him out.

 If you want to be free from demonic powers of possession, oppression or influence stop yielding and giving in to sin. Read the word. Stop yielding! Read the word. Be full of Jesus.


 A curse can be past on through generations. To break a family curse and bring blessing there are 4 things to do.

  1. Attend the word
  2. Anointing
  3. Armour of God
  4. Get into a Church

 A curse lasts 4 generations while a blessing 1000 generations. When a curse is broken one can usually smell sulfur in the air.

 Deliberately exposing the nakedness of a man of God may lead to a curse on your life. Do not expose weaknesses of a man of God but rather quietly give them your opinion on the situation in the hope they will correct themselves.



 The following are the twelve strongman mentioned in the Bible. I believe they are the main problems in the world today so when you cast out demons deal with the strongman first and cast out the other demons with him.

Strongman (spirit)

Demons  (manifestation of the evil spirit under the control of the strongman)

Spirit of Jealousy

Anger, restlessness, never satisfied, suspicious, rage, revenge, murder, competition, wrath and fury

Lying Spirit

Adultery, homosexuality, profanity (swear words), hypocrisy (double standards), lust, religious demon, vanity (self importance) which can lead to colts and divination (foretelling),

Familiar Spirit (friendly)

Astrology, horoscopes, fortune telling, old colt?,

Spirit of Perversion

Sexual troubles, hate towards God, wounded spirit, lust after women, homosexuality, wrong teachings and errors, self lovers, twisting the word to suit their situation, corrupt

Spirit of Heaviness

Despair and hopelessness, down, trouble all the time, grief, self pity, rejection, loneliness, glutemy,


Adultery, love of the world, love of money, no satisfaction with sex, cant break fellowship with unbelievers, emotional weakness, in some way associated with the devil, weak heart, cant say “NO” to sex,

Death and Dumb Spirit

Suicide, insane, seizures, epilepsy, lunatic

Spirit of Fear

Torment, terror, worry, phobia, feeling inadequate, nightmares, doubt, afraid of the dark, fear of men, fear of personality, fearlessness is a sign of a true believer.

Spirit of Pride & Hotiness

Mocking of others, stubborn, gossip, wrath, arrogant, self righteous, controlling demon, witchcraft,

Spirit of Bondage

Cant pray, anguish, bitterness, drug addictions, cant call God father (there is no relationship), alcoholism invites demons to your life through your behaviour and makes your children afraid of demons

Spirit of Infermity

Every disease known to men,

Anti Christ Spirit

Legalism, controlling spirit, opposing men of God, opposing teachings, speak against gifts of the Spirit, blasphemy (swear words), ignore the blood and substituting everything for the blood, claim authority to bind people, always appoint themselves, prosecute saints and attack Christian testimonies (make stuff up or recall things you have even forgotten), disturb service by speaking in tongues at the wrong time (Holy Spirit doesn’t interrupt himself and if they claim they couldn’t help it wasn’t from God cause God doesn’t force himself,

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