Andrzej Wielicki in English

I would like to share with you a testimony as a proof for all the people, that the Living God does exist and is on the way to help you through your faith in Him. After death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord sends us the Helper and Comforter - the Holy Spirit. Only in our Lord we have a full victory over temptations and weakness of our body when we fight with the sickness. This is a testimony of man, who despite all difficulties and fights finally won the battle against cancer.

I want to encourage all of you that we can and we must be winners through the power of Jesus Christ our Lord. In this victory is blessing, rejoice, hope and peace in expectation for a new living, living in eternity with our Lord. While suffering with cancer, our God show me the Way, the Truth and the Life, through our Lord Jesus Christ. God’s plan is perfect plan, because He chooses people for salvation and is using His tools to bring man towards His presence. Aim is salvation of your soul.

Everything started in the middle of year 1989. In this time I was working at the Sydney Harbour Bridge as the maintenance crew. One day I noticed small lumps around my neck. When I visited my doctor, she sends me to hospital for assessment and treatment. In Westmead Hospital, after biopsy and pathological analyses doctors gave me verdict - lymphoma. Small cells lymphoma was a cancer of lymphatic vessels around my body.

It was shock for my family and me. In this year doctors gave me oral chemotherapy and symptoms disappeared. After few months all started all over again. Sickness was in full blow with hot and cold flushes with tiredness and irritations to my body. I was weak and filled with despair. I was devastated and asking myself again and again - why me? I was afraid of death. My view into future was blank because I did not know where I would spend eternity. Fear of death can be devastating, when you know that you are dying and are not much help around for cancer.

But our God did not left me alone in this situation without hope. He sent to me messenger of good hope, my brother from Poland. And from this point, my life never was the same. I found my Creator, my Father in Heaven and my best Friend - Jesus.

You see when you turn to your God in prayers and with clean and open heart; He is faithful and full of compassion to repair what you have done by yourself. In His will He would answer for your prayer, because it is the only channel you can communicate with your Creator, God Almighty.

After two years of treatment, and nothing better but suffering I could expect, my brother from Poland rang me up that he wants to visit me.

I knew that he is born again Christian and he is different. He arrived full of God’s peace and joy inside. He was always polite and helpful for my family and myself. Few times he tried to read Bible to me or he always invited me to Polish Christian Church, but I constantly refused and rejected God’s will to save me. Even I was very sick, I rejected God’s intervention.

My brother left but cancer was in attacking my cells and I was living again without hope for better, only I expected the worst of all - death. In 1992 I was in very bad condition: cold and hot shots through my body, weakness and exhaustion. It was my worst year in cancer experience. In this time I started personal research in Academy of Medicine in Sydney University. In medical journals from all over the world, everywhere was stated that my illness is terminal with seven years life expectancy average.

It’s mean that I should die around year 1996. I was crushed and devastated by this opinion of medical profession about my illness. Then I searched for the best and dearest specialists in Sydney. But they gave me only stronger medicine applied intravenously in which time I stayed in hospital bed. Maybe you don’t know what is chemotherapy. I want explain you. It is chemical cocktail, which is injected into your veins and is running through your body for 72 hours. I was completely poisoned with vomiting.

This treatment was given to me for almost four months and on the end of chemotherapy I was like vegetable with no will to live. All my hair was lost, my appetite was change and my quality of life was gone in this period. I suffered a lot and my wife and children are the witnesses. You cannot image when you about 40 years of age and you know that you are dying.

But our God did not left me like this alone.

When I was so sick that I had no hope, when I was awaiting for death, our God sent again my brother from Poland and again I filled peace and joy, when he arrived. At once he noticed that my illness is with spiritual base and it was done by my sinful life. It is true that sin is the cancer messenger towards your cells and can affect your whole body and mind. My brother predicted that this is spiritual sickness, which attacked my body. He told me also that when I accept Jesus Christ into my heart and trust Him with all my heart, He can heal me and I will be healed. But first I must invite Him to my heart after repent from all my sins and to turn back from my sinful life.

This truth enter my heart that our God, our Creator sent to me His man to offer me salvation and eternal life. 

 Jesus said in Revelation 3: 20 “Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if any one hears my voice and opens the door, I will come into him, and eat with him, and he with me”.

This truth enter my heart that our God, our Creator sent to me His man to offer me salvation and eternal life. It was like God’s invitation.  And another verse from the Bible enters my heart. It was from John 3:16,

“For God so loved the world that he gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life”.

 I started to read Word of God every day and versets from the Bible very strong enter my heart. I know that our Lord was talking to my soul.

Word of God was true and like in image I found there all my life, all my sins, my entire ego. It was like looking in spiritual mirror. Versets from Bible touched my heart. Now I know that this was the work of Holy Spirit. It was a beginning, the birth of my faith in living God, God Almighty, my Creator, my Provider, my Comforter and my Healer. It was His medicine for my soul. I did not know that He could touch my body and heal.

In this time when I was listening to the Word of God I found joy and peace. After evening reading, my brother and I were kneeling down and he started to pray. He prayed towards our Lord, our Father for salvation of my soul and for blessing for my family. After praying he always put hands around me. In this time I was almost crying. I was wondering and asking: My God, it cannot be true that you can create people like this: full of love, peace and hope. It was what I was desperately searching for years through life.

My brother represents Christianity by himself. It was a call for me to fight for my soul, my salvation, for eternal life. I knew that I couldn’t do it by myself. I needed Jesus Christ to call for break the bondage of my soul. I heard already, that Jesus Christ is the only way to our Father in Heaven and that this holy blood can wash my sins away.

It was such a day in my life, day of salvation, day when I invited Jesus to my heart. In this day I fallen down on my knees and when I prayed, all my sinful life was before me. I cried and cried and confessed all my sins that I remembered. It was the day of my repentance and I knew that Jesus forgave all my sins and gave me a new life and everything became new.

I received a new life, eternal life because Jesus Christ payed the price on the cross, as holy sacrifice for my sins. Thank You Jesus for your free gift, gift of salvation, gift of eternal life. Alleluia. It was my rebirth, spiritual birth to be a servant of our God and His Son. From this day, day of salvation, my God made me His child, His son.

In this time I started to pray every day, every day I was reading the Word of God. In my surprise my older son, Matthew was moved by Holy Spirit towards serving our Lord. My soul was growing and my heart was full of joy when I was looking on my son’s progress. Matthew was hungry for knowledge of our God. He did not read the Word of God, he eats It.

My brother left after two months after mission to save two souls. Great thanks to him and our Lord for sending him over here. Our baptism was 31.10.93 in George’s River around scenic scenery. All our church was at this ceremony. We gave our testimonies before and now we were prayed with my son, pastor and our new family.

When we entered the water, it was really cold, but after baptise, it was warm from our hearts. It was really the day of joy and happiness.

The day after became normal working day and I was filling, like on war, the spiritual war. Our enemy sent into me traps and temptations.

But thanks to the Word of God. It was my refuge to renew my mind.

There were really joyful moments of my Christian Life. My son, Matthew was for me example the child of God. Always kind, polite and full of joy that Jesus Christ is his Lord and Saviour. He was with the Bible all the time when I can see him in my house. I was very happy from the fact that through the grace of our God, he was in safe hands. My heart was full of admiration, how God is great in love and mercy. For He pick us up from misery of cancer and teenage revolt.

When my spiritual life was growing, my health was improving, but not in full. Cancer was in reemission but I was again on course of chemotherapy. And when I was suffering from side effects of treatment, our God reveal me, that He got for me The Healer - His Son, Jesus Christ. And without appointment I went for His advice. He confirms in me by His Holy Spirit, that my illness was with spiritual background, which affects my body system. My soul was affected by evil messenger, which penetrated my body. My Master Doctor shows me even verset from the Bible for my recovery. And I should apply It immediately.

It is James 5: 13 - 15 about power of praying. It was my anchor. “Is any one among you suffering? Let him pray. Is any among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord; and the prayer of faith will save the sick man, and the Lord will rise him up”.

And I sent for pastor and elders of my church and we all together, after anointing by oil, started to pray for my healing. It was prayer of faith. I filled like I was standing before throne of God, asking for His mercy in Jesus Name. You know, our Lord is faithful God, full of love and mercy.

When we came towards Him with the prayer from the open heart He see us. He is listening to us according to His will, He always answers. When we are living through faith in Him there is no limit to His mercy and grace. Through His grace I was saved! Through His mercy I was healed!

Next day was Saturday and as usual I was doing house cleaning. I was alone. When I was listening to Christian songs I started to sing with them and I was filled with Spirit of the Lord. So I knell down and praise Him. When I was praying I asked my Lord, Jesus Christ for baptism in the Holy Spirit. At the same time I have asked, Spirit of the Lord moved me to the place, where was no time and no space. Instantly I was filled with joy and happiness that I cannot describe. From my mouth, like a river flows words in the language I cannot understand by my mind. Really, I could not stop this flow of praise from my spirit. I was convinced that our Lord gave me His spiritual gift and He confirms that I am His child. Alleluia. Oh my dear Lord, my Saviour, my Father - Thank You. I was full of joy and happiness that almost danced on the floor. My Christian life was different after this confirmation that our Lord is with me always as He said in last chapter Gospel of Matthew:

“ I will be with you always, even to the end of this age”. Matthew 28:20

New relationship of closeness and trust with Jesus was established. My beloved, I wish every of you for this experience with the Living God, who when invited to your heart will guide you to a new life, eternal life. I should praise my Lord on every corner of my day’s life, even when there are difficulties and sufferings are coming. And I wish that this testimony were not my testimony at all. It is the testimony of our Lord, Jesus Christ who is faithful to His promises. What we only needs is our faith.

Jesus Christ, is waiting to be invited to your heart, and when it happens - you will see the change; all world will see it - because you will be changed. “When anyone is joined to Christ, he is a new being; the old is gone, the new has come. All this is done by God, who through Christ changed us from enemies into his friends”.   II Corinthians 5: 17 - 18.

Your spirit and soul is your inner yourself and only you can open the door of your heart, nobody else. From this point depends rest of your life. 

Now, my dear friend it is time to decide, and decision is in your hands. Maybe you suffer while battling with cancer or other incurable disease, maybe you suffer through your marriage problems with separation and even divorce, maybe you suffer financial loss or you can not cope with this life any more. Listen - it is hope. As you read this testimony, you can see hope.

Lay all burdens of your life on Jesus. He is my Saviour and Helper and can be yours as well. Close your eyes only for minute and think about. As you can see, this testimony of my Lord and Saviour can be yours. In this time when you were confirmed by this testimony, I can only advice you to call for help, to repent before Jesus from all your sins. And after He gave you comfort and peace as you experienced never before. It is your only hope and future, as you got example of me. When You invite Jesus into your life, it all will be changed, but changed for your best.

Because only Jesus can offer you salvation of your soul, eternal life, peace and healing to your soul and your body. When you turn to Jesus, you will never regret because you will be free of your sins, which devastate your soul. You obtain eternal life in heaven and salvation of your soul. God gave you the biggest promise in Revelation 3: 20 “Listen! I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come into him and eat with him and he with me.”

The Lord, your God is inviting you to His family. Be part of it.

It is your best choice you did in your whole life. Amen.

 Andrew Wielicki
16 Emex Place,
Macquarie Fields
NSW 2564 Australia