The greatest miracle is not physical. It is not the healing of cancer or heart disease. The greatest miracle is spiritual, where someone is born again.

What is greater than raising the dead? Than commanding the wind? Than healing the sick? Than casting out demons? What is greater?  To be born again, not of flesh and water; but through the spirit.  That was one thing that Jesus could not do. Jesus could not stand before the crowd and say “Once I was lost, but now I am found.”  But, God has made that available to us!

The greatest miracle is the salvation of a man’s soul. You and I live a fragile life. Life is too short. Don't play games with your eternity.

Every one of us will live forever. Question is: where? Will you live forever with God in Heaven or will you be forever tormented in Hell? Do you know why I am preaching the Gospel? Because the Lord gave me a vision I want to share.

I saw an Angel from Heaven and I saw multitudes of people, masses of them. The Angel was holding a big chain as he opened a gate for me in Heaven. He said, "Come and sit here. Watch what I have for you. I looked at the people and I was amazed. I saw masses of people, millions. I looked closer and I saw a valley that had no beginning and no end. In that valley was liquid fire that shot flames everywhere. I remember the colours: blue, yellow and red. Almost like a lake of liquid fire. The flames were so intense! But, the worst part was that all of the people's souls were all falling into this burning valley. They did not know where they were going.  The entire crowd was moving toward this valley. I saw their faces as they were pushed into the valley of fire.Then I heard the Lord.  He said, "Preach the Gospel. If you do not, you will be responsible for anyone who falls. Their blood will be on your hands." I responded, "Lord, I will do it."

 People, I tell you, don’t play with your eternity. Hell is a real place.  If you don’t believe in hell, you will when you get there. You’ve got to choose: Will you choose white or black, light or darkness, God or devil, life or death?  No one gave you a choice when you were born the first time.  It is your choice to be born again, however. Every one of us has a choice with the second birth. Please, bow your heads and ask yourself this question. If Jesus came tonight, would you be ready? If you are, you know it. If not, you know that too. Are you sure about heaven? Are you sure Jesus is your Saviour? Are you sure your sins are forgiven. Are you sure?

 If you are not sure that Jesus is your Saviour, then today is the day of your salvation. Don’t wait! Tomorrow may be too late! He is calling you now. Do not put it off. Don’t delay. Just say these words:

 "I want to surrender. Yes, Jesus, I want you as my Saviour. I surrender my life to you. Lord Jesus, I come to You, because I need you.  I am sinner. Dear Lord, forgive my sins. Cleanse me with your blood, and set me free from my sin. Free me from my bondage, my pain and my depression. O, Dear Jesus, come to my heart. I receive you as my Saviour and I surrender all. I give you my heart, my life, my all. And Dear Jesus fill me now with Your Spirit. Give me assurance that I am saved, that I am Born Again. And, I promise I will love You. I will serve You, and I will follow You for the rest of my Life. Today is my day for my salvation. Amen."

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