I want you to know that all Healing comes from one source. God Almighty is the source of all Healing. There are two realms of Healing: Natural and Supernatural (Divine).

The natural realm is where the doctors are, nutrition is an exercise of the right things which you must do as human beings. You cannot have a healthy life if you eat wrong and live wrong. There is the natural realm, God gave us the natural realm of living.

There is also the supernatural realm when faith begins when ability stops. God could not do for you what you can do for self. It's why He gave you a brain, two legs, two hands.

God expects you what you can do in natural. But when a natural comes to an end, we enter into divine realm. When you have a toothache, you can ask God to help you but He will not because you should go to the dentist. Some problems can be corrected through diet and exercise. You should quit eating unhealthy things which you enjoy if its clearly one reason why you are sick.

There is a natural realm of healing for some people. If you eat right He will correct your problem. It will be fixed. But this is also a divine realm of Healing. If the natural helps you, stay with it. Do not ignore doctors. Doctors are God's servants whether they know it or not. Even a doctor has to admit a higher power at work in some patients. Because doctors can open you up but only God can close your wounds. The natural can only go so far in helping us. But now there is a divine realm of healing. That's why you are reading this. Many of you already had been to the doctors. Many had tried a natural realm of healing. And this things won't do nothing more to you.

It was like the women who went to the doctors and spent all of her money to them but she were not healed but she said that now I must press to Jesus and touch Him. And she was healed. The divine realm of healing requires faith. The Bible declares that: "Without faith is impossible to please God." "For he who comes to God must believe.

Please understand also that Faith is the gift. When you need a healing, God supplies faith for it. Also remember that our God always comes at the right time and moment to heal. He doesn't always heals you when you want it. He heals you when He wants it. God is the God of timing. You say why? Because He is God and you are not.

And while you are waiting on God to heal you he will give you grace and strength.  Its important notto give up and stick to the word and declare the promise of healing despite what is still in the natural. Now remember that Faith is vital. Prayer of Faith is important. Faith not only praises but faith also act. When God's heals He imparts faith for healing. In the divine realm faith is necessary for your healing. He gives us a measure of faith.

You were saved and born again, God will give you faith to believe what Jesus can do when you ask him to do. In the same way God imparts faith to those who need healing. It's imparted to you through His Spirit so you don't need to struggle or beg for healing. Just receive your healing from the hands of God. The Bible says that in JAMES 5: 15 "The prayer of Faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up."         

But not only must we pray in faith but also we must act in faith. In Matthew 8: 8 one man came to the Lord and ask: "Lord, but only speak a word and my servant will be healed." And the most amazing story is in LUKE 17 : 11- 14 showing us how important faith in action is. Ten leper were healed when Jesus said: "Go, show your-selves to the priests." And so it was that as they went, they were cleansed."

They have to obey when He said "Go" and when they went, they were cleaned. And there was a man in the Scripture that Word of God gave us a remarkable event. When Jesus was in synagogue and saw a man with the withered hand. MATTHEW 12: 10 "And the Lord said to the man, 'Stretch out your hand.' And he stretched it out, and it was restored as whole as the other." There have to be action to receive healing.

The Word of God also tells us in LUKE 6: 19 - "And the whole multitudes sought to touch Him, for power went out from Him and healed them all." They sought to touch Him! They sought to touch Him! They sought to touch Him! And as many as touched Him were healed from their diseases. In this days the multitude tried to touch Him and they were made whole. The women tried to touch His garment. But it was not a touch of the hands. It was touch of faith in Him that He can heal them. The woman who tried to touch Lord’s garment and when she touched Him she were healed have a faith in Him first. When virtue gone out of Him, Jesus ask: Who touched? And Peter said: Lord many touched you. There were many hands touched Him in the natural, but this woman touched Him in faith. Today, touch Him with your faith! Touch Him with your trust in Him. But you ask: How do you touch Him? You touch Him with your trust when you depend on Him. It's so simple. When you can say: Jesus please don't forget me, He will heal you instantly.

Simple faith in Him and say a simple prayer with trust and He will heal you!