How are you discerning the works of the flesh?

  1. 1. Are you touchy and sensitive?
  2. 2. Are you struggle for position?
  3. 3. Do you angry when rebuked?
  4. 4. Do you angry when corrected?
  5. 5. Are you defensive all the time?
  6. 6. Do you push your claims?

Then you distractive and rebellious.

  1. Are you touchy and sensitive? Jesus don’t want to be recognised. He said: Don’t talk about me.
  2. Are you struggle for position in power and praise? Do you fight to get place? In God the humble will be exalted and the proud will be condemned.
  3. Do you angry when someone rebukes you? You cant bear to be rebuked. Could you handle the people who correct you? Who said: Listen, you can’t do it. Where is your self esteem and control when you got angry.
  4. Are you always defensive, full of self-defence. Self is in control very strong.
  5. Are you pushing your claims always. You always justify whatever you done.

            That is the case that is distractive and deadly in your life. When all are in the wrong and you are in the right. I am delight that the LORD deals with us so gently, till we loose our independence. The struggle is: independence or dependence.

What have you chosen. Be independent, that’s what Adam did to the God.

Be dependent upon the Lord, that’s what JESUS was.

Let see what God did with the man called JACOB in the book of Genesis .

When Jacob’s brother Essau came to him with armed men, fear strikes Jacob.

What he does , he sent his brother gifts. He wants to win his brother favour.

So flesh takes over Jacob. But now some things mighty happen.

The Word of God declares: “And Jacob was left alone.”



You always have to be left alone. You cannot see victory by train it or educate it.

Only one thing works: by getting alone with God. Put beside all influence of men, influence of media and specially put aside all emotions. Put all beside. Get alone with God only. You know God orchestrated all things when the man was left alone.

Many times God done the same to you, but you ignored the moment. How many of you were left alone in the home? That was a day with moment from heaven for you.

When you are alone - pray. God always prepared a moment, to be alone at night, when all are sleeping and you can`t sleep. Some of you, instead pray are taking pills.

But still sleeping pills doesn`t work. God is waiting to you nearby. God prepared moments for you to be alone with Him. Maybe at night when you cannot sleep or daytime, when your wife is away. But instead of pray, you switch TV to waste your time and energy. It happens so many times. Don`t be surpassed that this week  this will be happen to you. God`s will is to put you alone. If you wanted, heaven is waiting and watching and angels prepared. Say: “Father I am ready this week, before next Sunday, please prepare my moments with you. Get ready, heaven heard and the angels are ready to rearrange your moments with God for you.

And second part of verse 24 Genesis 32: “And there wrestled the man with Jacob until the breaking of the day. We always though that Jacob wrestled with God, wrong

God wrestled with Jacob. Letter on he lean on God to obtain blessing.

Jacob did not wrestle with God to obtain blessing, God wrestle with Jacob to obtain Jacob. God come in and wrestles with him and Word of God declares that He wrestle him until the daybreak. It means all night. It is question. Why God Almighty wrestled with all night, when He can overcome Him quickly. God is showing us here one powerful fact - long suffering grace as chosen process. To get out from the flesh, to the spirit. It is longsuffering, merciful and graceful nature of our God.

God works with us gentle and gradually. Verse 25 Genesis 24: “ And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, He touched the hollow of his thigh.”

            It means Jacob could not give the flesh under subjection. That flesh was so strong and don`t want to be defeated. But He touched the hollow of his thigh, and the hollow of Jacob`s thigh was out of joint, as he wrestled with Him.

God with His patience wrestle with your flesh all night long, so the flesh can submit. When he doesn’t, He touches the source of His strength. And he stops wrestling. He was leaning now. And when he lean, God said: “Let me go, for the day-break is come and he said: “I will not let you go, unless you bless me.”

Only depending, leaning man can cry: “let me go.” Wrestling man never ask for blessing. Are he wrestled for blessing? No, he lean for blessing. What he did, he told:

“Lord I will not let you go.” But when God is gone, he will fall.

Lord have been wrestling with you since you have been saved.

I promise you, He is about to touch your thigh to lean on Him.

Only when you lean, you’ve cry out: Lord, bless my life, please!

Verse 27 Genesis 32: “ And he said unto him: What is your name? And he said:

Jacob. And God said to him: “because you are leaning on me, you not longer deceiver

God transformed deceiver to prince of the nation of Israel, when you lean on Him.

How many are ready to lean on God, so God will take you out of deception?

Verse 28 Genesis 32 - Word of Israel means Prince with God.

Verse 30, 31 Genesis 32: “ I have seen God face to face and my life is preserved.”

“ And as he passed the sun rose upon him, and he halted upon his thigh.”

Only leaning man can see the sun when rose upon him.

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