Befor we take up the Revelation Faith, we should notice the different kinds of faith.

Christian Science and the other Metaphysical and philosophical teachers of today do not believe that God is a Person. They will tell you that He is a Perfect Mind.

It is just a great universal mind which finds its home in every individual.

It is mind without the brain and without the personality. He has no location or place.

These people does not believe in power of sin, they do not believe that Jesus died for our sins, but that He died as a martyr. They do not believe that He had a literal Resu-rection, but as one puts it, “ a metaphysical resurrection.”

If God is not a person and Jesus did not put sin away, then who is Jesus and what is the value of our faith in Him? One of them calls Him that He show the way. But He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Their faith in Jesus and their faith in God is, after all, faith in themselves and what they inheritently have within themselves.

It has caused mighty changes in them but it has never produced a New Creation.

What is the faith that the modernists have today? It is not faith in Jesus Christ as a Substitute for our sinful man, for they not believe in the substitutonary Sacriface of Jesus Christ. It is not faith in God the Father as unvelied to us by Jesus, His Son.

It is faith in man`s conception of Jesus. It does not produce a New Creation.

It does not save the lost or take them from oppression of his own sin.

Man has faith in science and loudly proclaims science as the modern god of humanity

But the science is but the fragment of knowledge that man has gathered of the great body of hidden truth in the universe.

He has gained this knowledge through the Five Senses. These Five Senses have been unable to find the reason for Creation or the cause of Creation.

They have not discovered the source of Life or Morion, or the Authority or Power that holds the Universe together.

They do not know the Reason for man, nor the end of man.

As Sense Knowledge is limited, so Sense Knowledge Faith is limited.

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