A little boy who was a neighbour to the great artist was going to him everyday to watch him painting. One day a painter died and when a boy come  to the widow he said: One day I like to be just like a man who died. He asked the widow to give him some paint and brush that he can paint like a man. She answered: Not a brush you need but the spirit of the painter. We all in the church want to be like this child. We all like to be  like the great preachers. It is not a brush you needed but a spirit of  painter. And when the same spirit is within you, one day you will be a great man of God. But all the men were like this boy even Paul who said in the letter to Romans 8: 26: "Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses..." He declares that we all have weaknesses when it come to praying, he too struggled. "For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us."

There is not one person who reads this by accident. God sent you here with purpose. The greatness longing of your life is to pursue God in your life to know Him. Your fighting with weakness in the flesh. The Spirit of God was sent to us in our weakness. God Almighty said in Exodus 25: 22 to Mosses to build Him an ark, the Holy of Holies: "And there I will meet with you, and I will speak with you from above the mercy."

Today you achieved much more. We can call Him Father and He said: It is not you meeting with me, it is I meeting with you. When you came into presence of God, realise that everything from your minds is rejected. In PSALM 80: 18 tells us that you can not call on God before God calls on you, touch you, quicken you towards prayer.

When you get on your knees and say. “Father, your Word says that You shall quicken me” And you wait, how long, who cares. He is not rushing. The Bible says: Seek Me, search Me with all your heart and PSALM 62: 1 tells that you wait for your salvation. And when you get into God`s presence, you put some beautiful worship music. The: Father, sent the Holy Spirit to quicken you, melt your cold heart, break your heart and prepare your heart for his touch. We must have a desire to reach God`s presence and just wait patiently. He will show up to you because He promised that: Draw near to God and He will draw closer to you. Don`t talk, God answers prayers not just words  and talk. God doesn`t answer words you talk, He answers prayers (Don`t talk - it is mental). Prayer is the voice of your heart talking to God and be more ready to hear of the Holy Spirit not just put empty words. Don`t you realise that the empty words are evil. Do not go to prayer because of duty but because of desire and delight. Do not force yourself into prayer. It is lifeless, it is all you are doing to satisfy your guilt, do not go to pray because you are guilty but do not realise your guilt since you are in bondage.

When you are in the presence of God and the Holy Spirit quickens you, God begins to break your heart. Now your words are chosen, are wealthy and they touch the heart of God. You can call: Abba Father. When the Spirit of God comes in and begins to melt and break all influences then true prayer erupts like a volcano. Don`t rush with words, let your words be few but touching the Father`s heart.

When Holy Spirit comes upon you, prayer in the Spirit begins. It is not prayer of tongues. Prayer in tongues is the prayer with the Spirit. Just do not bubble tongues without life. Praying in the Spirit is different from praying with the Spirit. Holy Spirit is not praying with you, He is praying for you. Both are important. Great is importance of the tongues. When you pray in tongue, you pray in secrecy so enemy can not understand and can not plan what to do. He breaks you before you can pray effectively.

You must go into the Spirit of Prayer, He can only use the Word of God in you. God can use His Word when you pray to Him in the Spirit, according to His will. When God comes upon you, we pray willingly for God. Your life must be filled with the Word of God. Often when we start to pray we began to fight fatigue and drowsiness. But the Bible says that He, the Spirit is helping us with our infirmities. We all needs God`s power, power of faith to fight fatigue. We have the Holy Spirit to help us. The Spirit of God prays for you and Jesus prays for you in Heaven. I have Jesus and Holy Spirit to help us in our prayers. We can endure in prayer what I can not see by faith.

When you are in prayer, you can not see but you thank the Holy Spirit for coming to quicken us to God`s presence. Your physical body will be quickened. When you start to pray just ask: Holy Spirit come to break me, to change me and to pray through me. When you start to pray, remember, never pray with the lack of faith. Your prayer will be in vain. You insult God when you pray without faith. You remember what He said in Hebrews 11: 6: "And this is the confidence, if  we ask anything according to His will, He will hear. But  without faith it is impossible to please God..." and in Isaiah 53: 1 "Who has believed our report? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?

When revelation comes by the Spirit of God, ask Dear God ro teach you what you can`t see. What you do is to begin to pray in the Spirit. If the Spirit of God dwells in you, He shall also quicken you. This is triple application: redemption, restoration resurrection. You can say no to your flesh. For if you draw to the flesh, you shall die but if you will draw to God, He shall give you life. Just say: Lord, quicken me, please. Holy Spirit is the gentleman and it is a daily experience. So pray: Lord, quicken me, please.

If David says: Lord quicken me, you should do the same and when He quicken us, we do not live in the flesh anymore. ROMANS 8: 13 declares: "For if you live accordingly to the flesh you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live."  and ROMANS 8: 15 declares: "For you did not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of Adoption by whom we cry our, "Abba, Father." Today welcome the Holy Spirit and when He comes the firstfruits of the spirit also come. So pray in the Holy Spirit. You pray for redeeming your body out of bondage knowing His voice and His will. He will quicken you, melt you and you will pray richly words. So three things you must do in your prayer: When comes to the prayer there are three serious keys:

  1. To have a desire to pray to God.
  2. To have His Words to be used by God.
  3. To have quicken power of God for prayer.

When you start to pray you will not see His revelation yet, but you have firstfruit of the Spirit. It is a taste of world to come. It is amazing. It is when gifts come - in prayer time. Firstfruits deal with the taste of the heaven. The Bible says that we begin to grow within ourselves and Spirit helps our weaknesses. God is strengthening you in all matters: spiritually and materially. ROMANS 8: 26 declares: "Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses." The Spirit of God helps ours weaknesses in the flesh. Jesus declared: The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak." We can not press ourselves into prayer. We need the helper- the Spirit of God.

PSALM 80: 18 declares: "Quicken us and we will call upon your Name." Most of us do not wait upon the Lord to quicken us. In EXODUS 25: 22 God told Mosses to build Him a tabernacle. Because the Lord is working from inside out. God first begin working in you inside, your heart and from the inside out. Your spirit is first quickened, then your soul, then your body. And then God will meet with you. He said: I will be talking to you, not you will be talking to Him.

You pray from your mind because it is your duty, but when you pray out of your heart, you pray because you delight in Him. First we wait for the Holy Spirit to quicken us and when you approach God`s presence, be ready to listen rather than speak. You can not talk to God before He talks to you. Just wait for God`s touch. Don`t speak empty words for you are not pleasing God. Let His Words will be in you.

Our weakness is that we do not want to pray. The flesh is weak. Second is Romans 8: "For we not know what we should pray! The Word of God must be in you when you want to pray. I JOHN 5: 14 declares: "Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us for  whatever we ask."

Never beg, never say please but say: Your Word declares and Amen.

It is important that we do not pray without knowing the promises of God, knowing exactly what the Word of God says, know to pray according to His will. The Bible says that if you believe He will quicken your mind as in ISAIAH 53: 1 - "Who have believed report of God? If you will believe you will get the revelations from God. Have faith in God. When you came to the Father and say "Your Word says and He will quicken you.Your spirit, your soul and your body.

The Holy Spirit comes to quick your body when drowsiness, wondering, fatigue and sleep attackes you. The Bible declares that the Holy Spirit is to quicken our mortal bodies. PSALM 8: 11 tells us that the Holy Spirit quickens your body so I can pray when I can last on my knees. We have helpers: Holy Spirit on earth and Jesus in Heaven. Holy Spirit quicken you into presence of Jesus.

You can pray with the Spirit, while you pray in tongues. He is using you as the vehicle as He uses your body. You pray with the Spirit when you pray in the unknown tongue. You will pray with the Spirit of God as a prayer of unknown tongues. There are three different kinds of tongues: First you can understand in your own language as in ACTS 2: 4- 6. All they were filled with the Spirit. Second you can use tongue to prayer to God as in I CORINTHIANS 14: 2 and to be for public use to edit the Body of Christ, to build you up. ISAIAH 28: 12 declares that it refreshes you.

When you pray in tongues, you begin to worship our Lord in unknown tongues. You can sing with the Spirit. He confuses the enemy and beats his dominion. ISAIAH 30: 29 the enemy is as Assyrian. You should have a song in the night, because when you begin singing, then God shows up with His power. God speaks and devil is beaten down. So begin singing today and beat the enemy in prayer.