HEBREWS 11: 1 declares: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

HEBREWS 11: 6 declares: “But without faith it is impossible to please God, for he that comes to Him, must believe that He is, a rewarder of them that seek Him diligently.”

Without faith it is impossible to please God. We teach today how to develop dynamic faith. We live in the world that is so bound in the senses realm. Our God is a Faith God. When God created man, the Word of God declares, that God Almighty spoke the Words and created man in His image and likeness to have dominion on earth. He created man after His image and likeness. Our God is a Faith God, so a man God created is a man of faith. God created man on His image of faith.

There are two worlds that are existing today. First is the world of the Spirit and second is the world of the flesh. When God created Adam, He created him in the world of the Spirit in the flesh realm. World today is controlled by the flesh and the senses. The first man was with senses but he operated by faith. He like God spoke in faith, moved in faith. Source of God is faith. God is source of faith. Man is not a source of faith, but he walked in the faith. Faith lives in the Spirit realm. Faith lives in the realm of the Holy Spirit. Faith does not live in the realm of the flesh. Faith does not live in the realm of the carnal mind. Faith lives in the realm where God lives. That`s where man lived when he was walking in the realm of Spirit, in the realm of faith. Even the satan lives in spiritual realm, he does not lives in the Holy Spirit realm, he does not live in the world of faith. He lives in invisible realm but not in the realm of God Almighty.

Satan exist in the spiritual realm, world of flesh. The flesh are not only our bodies, flesh is not that only physical bodies exist. I am not talking about world of the natural. I am talking about world of the flesh. Flesh is not necessary all natural.

We have world of God and we have world of satan. In God`s world lives faith, and in Satan`s world lives fear, and desires and carnality. All of the fleshy things are in the realm of Satan. Natural realm, physical world exist in the realm of Satan. Satan is called the god of this world. He is not called god of this earth, because earth is God`s and the universe is God`s. Our God is a God  where earth exist. He is God that controll this world we live in. Earth is the LORD`S, physical earth is the LORD`S. But other world, invisible world where humanity is living is called the flesh. Body is a part of this world. When the Bible says flesh, it means the world reality.

Adam existed in the realm of God, when God created him. Everything about Adam was in the realm of God. The Spirit of God was with him, his righteousness, aboundance and blessing. Adam was walking on physical earth, yet living in the spirit.

Walking in the physical earth but living in the different world  - it is possible for every Christian. Adam lived in the realm God and faith. Satan lived in the other world, he cross the bridge and saw a woman. The woman knows that God`s Word was the target. Satan ask her a question. Satan was from one world and women was from another. He ask the question to test her. He ask: “Has God said this?” Each world has the law that controlls it. God controls His world by His Word, and by His Spirit and Satan`s world is controlled by demonic spirits.

And Satan saw the woman walking in the world that God exist, and he noticed that she does not know the law of the world. And he ask: “Had God said?” He found that weakness in her and he carried her into his world. The moment the Eve turned on her senses (before she lived and walked in faith), second later she heard, saw, touched, eat - her senses come out. The world of the senses was activated. Before it was all walk by faith. Now she experienced what I can hear, what I can see, what I can touch, what I can smell and what I can taste. Satan said: “Look, look on this fruit” And here, BANG! Her eyes went alive. She smell, she touch, she tasted, she was fully alive with her senses. Then she crossed the bridge, from faith realm to the natural realm. And sadly she look on her husband, who still lived in God`s world and she said to him: “Come here and taste this. It is good! Adam never wanted to taste this fruit. He was not controlled by senses yet. He was living with the faith in God Almighty. And she said: “Adam, look at this” and his sight come alive and Adam come and tasted this. When he tasted this, he also was transfered from world of faith to world of natural. He was born again backwords. He went from life to death, from liberty to bondage, from light to darkness. Since then whole human race was living in the world that don`t belong to. For we were created after the likeness and image of God and to live in His world. We must cross the bridge back again. The bridge is the mind. God lives in the world of the Holy Spirit, God lives in the world of Faith. He is the Faith God.

God is Spirit. His Word is the Spirit. God Almighty created us in His image and likeness to live. We belong to the world of God. We have lived and existed sadly in the world which doesn`t belong to us. We are talking not about physical world, but we are talking about spiritual world. Even as our bodies lives in the physical world, we are living in spiritual world. And the world we are living in is because of Adam`s and Eve`s sin.

This world is foreign for us. God not created you to live in this world. We were pulled in here to live in spiritual realm of satan, by agreeing to his temptations. And the whole human races is bound in this world. When God said to Adam: “Where are you?”  God knew where he was physically, but He wanted to know where he was spiritually. He was hiding, when God saw him behind the bush. When God ask: Where are you? It was not about location physically, but where are you spiritually. He was saying: “In what world are you, Adam? And the Adam spoke the worlds that reveals the world he went in to live. He said: “I am afraid.” He said opposite to faith - fear. He said: “I am living in fear. I am afraid.” The moment he said words: I am afraid, he reveals what world he went in. He been bound to the world of fear. It is time we cross back. The bridge is your mind. The faith and fear is in your mind. Mind can take from one world to another. Better you go back to your faith world.

It is the spiritual mind which belong in this world of God and carnal mind in the world of Satan. Through God`s Word we must see how we can pass the bridge to come back. How we get mind keep in shape, in spiritual shape of God`s Word. God is the Faith God. His Word is the Word of Faith. Our walk is the walk of Faith. Everything we know as Christians we know because of faith. Faith is our world. It is impossible to please God without faith. God who lives and existed in the world of faith, one day He come to your world and He said:  “Come to me.” So you came to the cross, and after God gave you some measure of His Faith, He touched you with His Word. God gave you a measure of faith, a part of the world that is His. He allowed you to taste His world. The world we live in flesh and in carnality, the world of satan reality operates by senses by satan himself. He keep you deceived. His world operates what I can see, feel, smell or touch. Even our senses are important to pour bodies, they hinder our spiritual existence. You need your senses to live. We are not talking about nature here. We are talking how the devil is using this physical channell to pull from one spiritual world to another. It is all he did. He is using physical chanells to pull people out God`s reach to his kingdom.

So we must come back to God`s Kingdom. We are commanded to renew the spirit of our mind. Renew the spirit of your mind. We are in spiritual world. What is the spiritual mind. Your brain is not spiritual, your brain is all physical. But it is spiritual mind. It is not your brain. There is spiritual or carnal mind. We all have a great brains, but not all have a great minds.