This teaching you how God can use you in His Healing Ministry as a vessel to bring healing power to others. But how we can bring healing for others when we need healing first. How we can bring restoration to others as we need restoration.

In JOHN 5: 6 Jesus asks: "Do you want to be made whole?" That question is always addressed to an unbeliever. As believers we are new creation. New creation is whole already. New creation is completed in Christ already. In the day of salvation, He saves you completely. The problem is that we not allowed Him to take hold all of us.

When we live in Egypt we must be willing to came out of the land of bondage.

Between Egypt and the Promised Land is the Wilderness with the golden calf.

And sadly some are still in where the golden calf is. And the golden calf is the result of mixing spirit and flesh. When you mix spirit and flesh together you produce an idol. Idolatry is the result of mixing between spirit and flesh. The children of Israel left Egypt from their old life and came to the wilderness. And in the wilderness they faced the enemy called flesh. For the Bible says: "They lusted." They came to Mare where the water was bitter, there was no food and they said: "Let's go back to Egypt ."

What faced them was the lust of flesh. They not started to fight them. Now they are out of Egypt following God's command and desires of the flesh stirred amongst them. And that desire of their flesh stopped their journey. They cannot enter the Promised Land.

The flesh stopped them from progress with God and when the flesh stopped them from the progress in Spirit then started mixing of spirit with the flesh. The war erupts inside of them. And a result of that will always be an idol. That idol is maybe yourself when you start to worship your own body. That idol was creation of their own hands - an idol. For all of them this was disaster. That generation did not enter the Promised Land. They waited in the Wilderness until that generation was dead. They were unable to possess the land. The Body of Christ must not make the same mistake as Israel made. We must come out of Egypt, we must come out of own life and press to Canaan Land. We are not talking here about Heaven. Canaan Land is when you step into the promises of God. We must be living in the Spirit and walk in the Spirit by Faith in Jesus Christ! The Promise Land is where you are free and free indeed. When you complete in Christ. That you enter Heavenly Places not only by Promise but also by Experience.

As you live, as He lived, as you walk as He walked, as you talk as he talked.

That's the Promise Land. When you are going away from the Egypt to the Promised Land halfway are the Wilderness of yourself. It's lusts, its desires, its needs. And when we allow this self, this flesh to activate we are at the end of our journey. For we are bound to it, for God said "GO" and on the other way your flesh says "STOP". You are going in the wrong direction. And when you allow your flesh to stop in progress to God you are start to be bound to the flesh and its desires. In the flesh are negative emotions or demonic emotions. Remember the fruits of the Spirit are: Love, Peace, Gentleness, Meekness...

What fights against Love - Hate, jealousy, envy, unforgiven. Remember that the flesh Hates, the flesh never forgives, the flesh remember all of your past. The flesh is angry.

          The flesh is just like the devil. Remember your Spirit man is God's child, like Jesus and your flesh is devil's child. I am not talking about your physical body now for it is dust I am talking about your self which was born when Adam sinned against God. Your old man it is your biggest enemy. The child of Hell, the child of devil and that flesh is with you 24 hours a day and night. When you read the Word of God it is tired to read the Word, when you start praying it is tired and sleepy. Flesh governs emotions and flesh is corrupted through. Paul ask God: "Who shall deliver me from this body of corruption"

He realised one day that his biggest problem was himself. When you want restoration you must begin with one thing to admit, that you are corrupted. Your flesh is corrupted.

You I mean you self, you your flesh. When you admit that you are corrupt you on the way to recovery. And the moment that confession is made it will starts your restoration.

Jesus Christ did not come to repair Himself, He did not come to save self.

Your flesh, your self did not changed not a iota since salvation. It is still the same flesh.

You are corrupted self. The only part of you that was saved it was the spirit man.

And in your soul God is working on. The old man, the old lifestyle, the flesh must be crucified. It's only place for its is death. When you allowed to stop you, to slow you, to oppose you against God you are just bound to its demands and conditions. It is where the people are getting to all kinds of trouble, when all problems begins, with your flesh.

This affects your mind, your body and now begins to affect your Spirit man. You are stopped in your spiritual progress. When all your problems begin to grow and will take you over. It is interesting how medical science will explain this and they are right.

When you allow the flesh to take hold of you and take dominion on you, all the negative emotions in the flesh come into you. Everything in you now is controlled by this negative emotions. And the world can explain it and call it "Stress". It is not stress at all.

But you never be stress out, you never be depress and oppress. They are negative emotions of the flesh. The world can not see the spiritual side of the stress.

Here as they explain when you are under stress: 1. You have a difficulty to make decisions. 2. Excessive daydreaming 3. You worry about everything 4. You are hostile

5. You become forgetful 6. Your thoughts are going away while you're talking.

 If all this things lined up, you on the stress. But all these things are results of negatives.

If you were free from the flesh you will never have a difficulty to make decisions, you never have a hostile temper, you never worry about different things, you never do this.

Because you under control. So the world for the stress gives you a pill. But the Lord says: "take My Word". People will do three things when the flesh takes over:

1. Alcohol 2. Smoking of drugs 3. Sex. They thing that these things will liberate them from the pressures of the flesh. We believers when you walking into your Promised Land and the flesh stops you, giving you negative emotions and will possess your mind with corrupt things, what will affect your soul and your spiritual life. Christians who are not strong in the Lord and in the power of His Might. They even reach for alcohol or drugs or to sex to escape of the flesh. But you did not escape, you are going to a deeper bondage.

But remember: "Whom the Son sets free is free indeed."

There is the way of out and I will present the way.

 But let's talk first about this escapes.


          You see the results of the flesh here now. You've get saved, you leave Egypt, God set you free from your lifestyle but on the way the flesh just somehow rises up. You thought that fleshy desires gone away. But they just hid by the while. You remember how glorious it was when you were saved. You remember this wonderful day when the joy of the Lord was your strength. But your enemy was with you all that time. Negative emotions and all negative things rose up again, thing you thought were gone when you've been saved. Haterance, old memories, things you was doing before, all flash up again.

Now you have a choice and opportunity to put these things under submission.

When the flesh arises it's your opportunity to defeat it. Some forget that Jesus forgave them and now when some haterance arrives they cannot forgive a person. They forgot that the wrath of God is no longer on them but anger arises and they unable to deal with it. Hateful again, unforgiven again, they become jealous and slows down the progress in salvation of the soul. It's cripples your soul. Next they bound to the flesh, it's desires and it's power. Instead they become spiritual, they become carnal. Rather then submitting to God and be free, they going drink alcohol, smoking drugs or commit sexual affairs in the wake of escaping of this demonic thing called flesh. They follow desires until it's control.

The believers who cannot control the old lusts of the flesh, lusts of the eyes and pride of life are going to pit. They thought they were free from these three oppressions.

Instead to submitting to Jesus, standing upon His promises, fight against these things that face them: they use alcohol - 72% of the US population drinks. They are in bondage to alcohol. Half traffic death are results of alcohol and over 30,000 suicides in year cause after alcohol. 42% of them are alcoholics. And these are also among believers Christians.

This is number one cause for mental problems. You paying to keep people in mental institutions. You paying to bury suicide victims and to counsel their families in your tax.

Your money are going to repair what alcoholism and smoking drugs done for society.

Second escape is smoking: fact is 350 billion $ a year is spent on smoking of drugs.

The smoking of nicotine, heroine or cocaine. Drug addiction is so widespread.

In smoking alone one person of three is dying of lung cancer or other cancer related.

They are eight different harmful chemicals are in every cigarette people smoking.

Smoking fry your body, drug addiction fry your mind. You have to have a young man in our church saved gloriously, born again but when pressure comes he escaped into crack.

Crack physically kill him, he was almost dead with psychotic problems. Others too are in all kinds of messes. Turn and Look into PROVERBS 14-"A sound heart is life to body"

Third escape is affair, sex outside marriage. That fleshy desires cannot be solved with carnal weapons. For you fighting with not flesh and blood but with principalities and powers in heavenly places. You no that all negative emotions affect your body.

"A sound heart is life to the body, but envy is rottenness to the bones." PROV.14: 30.

I will give you the negative emotions and which sicknesses they cause.

1. Dissatisfaction causes heart attack. 2. Hopelessness develops high blood pressure.

3. Insecurity causes migraine headache. 4. Lack of sleep develop infections in the body.

5. Loss of relationships produces cancer. Most people with cancer are lonely people.

6. Lack of love is suicide in slow motion. 7. Anger produces arthertyzm, hate strokes.

8. Resentment produces vomiting. 9. Fear produces asthma and 10. Hate  heart attacks.


          Nevada state is the worst in health conditions and is the sickest of all states.

 Yuta state is healthiest maybe because of strong family relationships in communities. Your health responds mentally and physically to relationships. And the doctors said recently that when you do not get rid off this anger, hate and resentments you will be sorry. Do you know why psychiatrists exists? Because people won't confess to God.

In all of you is a need to confess and say sorry, because when you won't it will kill you.

If your mouth won't confess your body will by sickness. If you not confess the anger out or hate out it will say out of you through cancer or heart attack. Do you want to stay healthy? Then talk it out. Don't let it old anger, old hate, old resentments or jealousy stay with you. It is not harming anyone except you!!! It can end you up in the hospital.

Did you remember that demons enter through the door called - "Self" or "Ego".

Remember that Spirit man is full of God and flesh man is full of devil. A Christian who leaves Egypt and walking to the Promised Land, half a way meets flesh, meets self.

He not only realised that self not only contains the old memories, old haters, old jealousy and resentments but it also contains demon or demons. And these demons begins to invades you if you submit to the flesh. Demons attack because we are not willing to bring our flesh under subjection. You must bow to God not to your flesh.

What gives you strength to say to the flesh NO! The Word of the Living God.

If you lack the Word you lack the power to say NO! to these demons. You should say NO! to your corrupt emotions, say NO! to your corrupt lusts. The flesh knows how weak you are. It is time that we stop listening or reading things without Truth, believing lies that we think are of God. Jump out of it and start reading, believing and living the Word.

Read from Genesis to Revelations over and over again until this Book will invade your life. This Book will heal your mind, this Book will give you fresh vision and allow God to talk to you and not devil. Just tell "Your Word is the lamp into my feet and a light to my path." PSALM 19: 7 says: "The Law of the Lord is perfect." You read this Book and your soul will be changed. "The commandments of the LORD are pure, enlightening the eyes." You read these Words and you won't look at sexual things, filthy things. Why? Because this Book will enlighten you inside! Rejoice in your heart when you read the Word. You won't drink alcohol to escape, it will be a joy to your soul.

We neglect the Bible, why we are in such trouble. We are in horrible trouble.

Because the Word of God is not in our hearts and lives but there is junk of lies.

So many of you so immature, you believe what other say and not the Word of God.

We are here to hear the Word of the Living God. I am here to tell you what the Bible says about your healing. It is written in PROVERBS 4: 20- "Attend to My Words, incline your ears to My Sayings, do not let them depart from your heart, for They are Life to those who finds them and health to all your flesh." It will keep you healthy, rejoicing, alive. Paul the Apostle looked on the group of two hundred men on the shipwreck and gave this powerful statement: "Take some food  for it is for your health

Don't just read the Word of God, eat IT. Read it through meditation, read to yourself and say to the Lord to reveal you the Truth. If you live the Word you will be victorious.

See what the Holy Spirit has to you and what is saying to your heart today. Read it and eat it, take it as your spiritual meal. So now the Word of God is your only escape.

          Not alcohol, not drugs or smoking tobacco. Say the Word. When the Word of God gets into your system, gets into your mind, gets into your soul, it's begins to fix you

and will make you a vessel ready for the Master's use. When the Word of God gets into you it will begin the process. Do you know how the Word of God is working in you?

Through tests. When you begin fill your life with the Word of God certain things will begin. Are you ready for them? Number 1. Time test- God will put you into period of waiting before He can use you. The moment the Word of God will work in you, God puts you in His shelf. There is a waiting period. God will now take everything away from you.

Do you want God to use you? Do you want breakthrough and go to the Promised land?

Remember the flesh, your self is called the golden calf. Self is represented in golden calf.

We Christians came first half on our journey and we face the golden calf, the flesh.

Are we willing today to break that calf into dust? You must do one thing before meet Jesus. You remember what happened after the golden calf? God Almighty spoke to the people. He revealed Himself to Israel and said: "I Am the LORD, your God."

It was after the golden calf when they follow Moses and Glory of the LORD.

It was after the golden calf that a brave, new generation arose from that group of people.

If you are willing to destroy the golden calf in your life into powder, God will allow you to see the Glory of His precious presence. The moment you say NO to self, you say NO More, when you submit all old emotions, Jesus will come and unable you to live His life.

You will allow the Word to invade your being. Then comes a mighty resurrection inside of you. The flesh begins to submit, and now you begin to live a Life. And as you begin to live certain things will happen and that's how you know you on the way to Life.

Number one- God puts you on the time. Remember - The Lord is not ready to use mushrooms, He wants to use oak trees. A mushroom grows quick and oak takes time.

God raises oak trees not mushrooms. Do you want to be tree for the Lord? Remember what Lord God said in the Book of Isajah about trees planting in the Lord that he might be glorified. He said in ISAIAH 61: 3 "I will give you beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of the praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they may be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD that He may be glorified."

The trees of the Lord are full of the anointing of the Lord. The moment you will begin living for God the Holy Ghost begins the process in you. And now He will begin to test you, He begin to prepare you into ministry. And the first test is the Time Period, when you waiting upon the Lord in prayer. It is time of waiting upon the Lord and it is part of the process. You say why Lord? Have you forgotten me? Remember, You promised me?

Why? why? why? God says: Wait, wait, wait. Why the time test? To develop your faith.

Remember the longer you wait the more faith develops inside you. Waiting upon the Lord develops faith in God and His Promises. It gives you opportunity to grow in faith.

Time purifies the motives and the attitudes and it gives God time to prove Himself as the miracle working God. Time gives God a time to prove to you that He is God and not you.

How long did Abraham wait? Turn to GENESIS 4: 12 and we see that He was 75 years old when he departed from Haran. He was 86 when Ishmael was born in GENESIS 16: 3 and in GENESIS 17: 1 Abraham was ninety-nine years old and God gave him covenant.

And in GENESIS 18: 10 he was almost 100 years old. So he waited almost 25 years.

Will you wait that long? Time test for every believer. God waited till his flesh was dead.

          Do you know why the Time Test? To kill flesh which awaits you in the wilderness.

You all want to leave the gold calf behind. Are you willing to flesh die? The first God will do is put you through the Time Test and Time Test to do is cause your flesh to die.

Waiting upon God does one thing. It crucifies your self. That why you must wait.

That that old things will rise against you again. Because if is not time test then will arise another golden calf, an idol. If there is no time test, there will be another golden calf.

Do you don't want golden calf in your life? Then you have to go through the Time Test.

You have to wait until flesh will be no more produce so God can produce in your life.

2. The Word of God will Tests you. PSALM 105: 19 says Joseph was tested by the Word of God. The Word will test you. The Lord will try you through His Word to see whatever you believe His promises. God promise this: I will give you a ministry. Next you see is dead self. Can you see this ministry? God said to Joseph: I will give you a throne in GENESIS 37 when he saw a dream and he saw himself on the throne. But on his way to the throne he faced the pit, he faced wrong accusations through Egyptian's wife, he faced the prison, he faced the very lonely life. Could he still see the throne on the way? He did. That's how God tests you. The Word teat means your vision will be tested. Will you still see the promise, when you in the wrong place. A man was tested like no other man of his time. God said: I will give you a throne. Instead he was hated  and envy, he was robbed and cast into pit. Later he was sold and accused falsely, put into prison and forgotten. Could he still see his throne? When he was hated, envy, robbed?

The Bible says he was 14 years later. He got the throne. How many of you are willing to go through such test of 14 years from promise to reality. Will you? Why the Word tests?

The Word of God tests you to develop Godly character. Strength of vision, strength of the Holy Ghost vision. The Word will tests you. And then God will allow you another.

3. Servant's Test. Do you want God to use you, don't you? You must serve first.

God puts you through the period of waiting and then His Word will test you if you can still see His promises and then see how you serve somebody else and see how long you last. The Servant's test is to develop your faithfulness to God. Waiting as Stephen in Acts and like Elisha served Elijah in II KINGS 3: 11 he poured water on the hands of Elijah.

The Servant’s Test develops faithfulness to God. Because when you faithful to another man of God, you faithful to God. If Kathryn will be alive today I will be still serving her.

I will not dear lay hands on the sick and don't do a thing except what was ask of me.

I would serve in any capacity, I would do it until the day she died. You see that a heart of the servant never changes. Servant is always a servant. You do not switch. God looks and sees that he is still willing to serve and his heart is into serving that's a kind of man He likes. Because he will serve Him faithfully. I said God many times: Lord, make sure I stay loyal to You until death. Lord, if I will stay out of your way bring me just back.

And He knows and I know that I mean that prayer. You don't know my heart, He knows my heart. Only God knows inner thoughts, inner man. And the reason this anointing is on my life is not because I sing Hallelujah, Not because I merry to Suzanne, only one thing.

God anoints vessels ready for use. God anoints willing and yielding vessels. He is looking not for golden vessels, nor for silver vessels, He is looking for yielding vessels.

And all you can do is to furnish Him a vessel, give Him the vessel, make it available.

          And when we do, you will go through the Time Test, Word Test and Servant Test.

And now you are going through the another test. It is Patience Test.

4. Patience test - when you cry O Lord, where are you, how long Lord? I can not wait.

GENESIS 5: 32 - "And Noah was five hundred years old when his children were born and six hundred when the flood comes. He was waiting one hundred years with this evil generation, to be rescue from. Abraham was waiting 25 years, Joseph 14 years and Noah one hundred years. He asked - How long, Lord I will be live with this wicked generation?

God asked: Build an ark Noah. It took him hundred years. A whole century to build ark.

Patience Test. After patience comes frustration. And this is the next test.

5. Frustration Test. Everyone gone with it. You now why frustration. II Corinthians 11: 17 -33 talks about Paul being frustrated. "I was shipwrecked, I was beaten, I was ripped,

I was insulted, I am frustrated man. " You read this portion of the Word and You will see Paul angry. Why frustration? In frustration, you reexamin your spiritual priorities.

The Word test develops your character, the Servants test develops your faithfulness

The Time test develops your faith, the patience test teach you how to yield to God.

The Frustration test enables you to reexamin your spiritual priorities.

The answer to frustration is II Corinthians 4: 8-18. The answer to frustration is - "Trust not what you see, trust the invisible." Paul's answer was: I will not trust what I see."

I will trust promises of God, I will trust what is invisible. Then follows another test.

6. Discouraging Test. You will be so discouraged that you think  God gave up on you.

I KINGS 19: 2, 3 4 tells us about Elijah. He was so discouraged. Why discouragement?

Discouragement comes to teach you to focus on the call of God in your life. How is that?

Jezebel says: "I will kill you, Elijah" and he runs to Horeb, four hundred miles. He get there and God says: "What are you doing here Elijah?" - "O, Lord they kill your prophets

and I am only to left" God says - "Go back to work." Go back to your call, Elijah.

"Go back to what I called you, go back to be My Prophet." He run all his way to mount Horeb and God says: "Go back to my work." He has to go all his way back. Discouragement comes for one reason: To get your focus back on Good's call on your life. Because when you discouraged and you so low that you can't be lower, all you ask God, what you want me to do?

7. Warfare Test. You will fight every demon in hell. Why devils can't  just leave us? Warfare Test comes so that you can develop your spiritual muscles. The devil will fight you and attack your greatest weaknesses in your life. So he can knock you down.

But there is a way out. The way out is GALATIANS 5: 16 - "I say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh."  Whatever the devil attacks me, I'll remember Galatians 5: 16. The second demons attack you is the only way out- Start walk in the Spirit of God. You know why demons attacks us? To force us to that place where we begin to walk in the Spirit. Demons attack only when you are walking in the flesh.

They can not attack those walking in the Spirit. And when they attack you because you walk in the flesh you will wake up and walk in the Spirit. The Bible declares to us not only walk in the Spirit but pray in the Spirit and to live in the Spirit. The minute demons attack you, you are forced to only one place - life in the Spirit.

          When no longer you are dependent on your own abilities and your own strength. How often demon when demon attacks, next thing you say: Jesus. Now you pray to God.

Demons are attacking, you say: Blood of Jesus is against you. Now you remember the blood. Sometimes takes demon to attack you to bring you back to your basics. Bring you back to the cross, to blood and the name of Jesus Christ. Devil attacks the next thing you do is play worship music in your house. Don't feel badly about it, it did you only good.

Now you play worship music, make sure the Scriptures are all over your house. Make sure Jesus is in your home and His blood is applied on all doors, windows and walls.

You seen now you will be forced to walk in the Spirit. And remember devil always attack those next in line into promotion. If God wants to promote you, the devil will always attack you. So if the devil attacks you get ready you next in line for promotion.

9. The Vision Test. Vision Test comes to strengthen your prayer life.

Nehemiah 1: 1-11 and Nehemiah 2: 1-6. Nehemiah was rebuilding the wall and people call on him to talk. Your vision is tested when people come and distract you.

You try to do a will of God and people coming to distract you. Once you start building and start fulfil the will of God on your life, He will allow individual to frustrate you.

He allow them to come and distract you. But everything what happens strengthen you more and more and more and more. The final test is the promotion test.

10. The Promotion Test. Before God promotes you comes this test to strengthen your position in Christ, so you won't exalt your own office but God's office.

JUDGES 8: 30 through JUDGES 9: 24 and 50 -57. This is the powerful story of Abimelech. Showing what happens to those who exalt themselves and later kill by woman. Abimelech was exalting his own office and killed by a woman. It's dangerous thing to exalt your own office. Promotion is tested when others and devil remind you what you like. What you don't have. Your position is tested when others come to you and say: Look at you, what you don't have, what you lack, who do you think you are.

Don't be suprise that devil will use your family. All accusation from the past will arrive.

They throw at you everything you ever done, to test that you will be staying bold on God's promises according to your ministry. In this time you'll say from CORINTHIANS

"Old things passed away" So Lord said: "In My Books its never happen when you repented." God not only forgive you but also will give you His revelation of His forgive-ness. You must know that our LORD not only forgives but also forgets. He  forgets.

I will not remember your sins anymore. You are new creature. Old things are passed away. Everything is new.  You are free from the past. Your address is now

II CORINTHIANS 5: 17 - "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation;

Old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new."

It is the most powerful relieving, releasing truth. Your past never happen.

In life will come moments when things will come back on you. There will be times in your life that some tragedy or some problems arise. Stay free from it, overcome it.

If you confess your sins, He is just and faithful, He will cleanse you from all your sin and from all your unrighteousness. You know how we carry failures with us, how we carry pains with us? Just reject them. You are born again, you are born anew. Old life really no longer exists. Your past never happen. You are set free from your past. GALATIANS 5

"Stand fast in the liberty by which Christ has made us free..."